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Welcome to ExpansionFlow!

At ExpansionFlow, we're passionate about creating immersive experiences through the development of cutting-edge video games and serious games. With a focus on utilizing the latest technologies, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and artificial intelligence (AI), we aim to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming industry.


Our team of talented and dedicated professionals is committed to crafting innovative and engaging gaming experiences that captivate players and leave a lasting impression. We believe that gaming has the power to bring people together, ignite imaginations, and inspire positive change.


What sets us apart is our expertise in incorporating social applications within our games, including Metaverse-type experiences. We envision a future where gamers can not only play, but also learn, explore, and connect with others in virtual worlds that seamlessly blend reality and imagination. Imagine stepping into a virtual museum to learn about history, exploring stunning landscapes with friends, or shopping together in vibrant commercial spaces.


At ExpansionFlow, we strive to create interconnected experiences that bridge the gap between the metaverse and the real world. We understand the importance of social interaction and believe that the Metaverse holds incredible potential for connecting people on a global scale. Our games enable players to collaborate, compete, and explore together, fostering communities and meaningful relationships.


Whether it's embarking on epic quests, solving intricate puzzles, or participating in thrilling multiplayer battles, our games provide endless opportunities for social engagement and shared experiences. Additionally, we're not limited to the virtual realm. Through strategic partnerships and integration with real-world services, ExpansionFlow allows you to seamlessly transition between the metaverse and reality. Make reservations for events, restaurants, or travel within the metaverse, and seamlessly transfer those plans to the physical world. We believe in creating a fluid and integrated experience that spans both realms, enriching your life beyond the boundaries of traditional gaming.At ExpansionFlow, we are driven by a shared passion for innovation, creativity, and technological advancement. We constantly explore new ideas, experiment with emerging technologies, and collaborate with like-minded partners to push the boundaries of what is possible in the gaming industry. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Explore our portfolio, dive into our immersive worlds, and experience the magic of ExpansionFlow. Together, let's reshape the future of gaming, discover the untapped potential of video games and serious games, and unlock the limitless possibilities of the Metaverse.


Contact ExpansionFlow to learn more about how we can shape your vision into a reality.

Scott LaForge

Scott LaForge

Founder | CEO

Scott LaForge is a visionary leader in software development with a successful track record of creating groundbreaking training experiences using emerging technologies that spans over a decade. With expertise in developing 3D custom training simulations, Scott has worked with industry leaders like Oshkosh, Komatsu, MRIGlobal, GE Healthcare, and Pfizer. Specializing in military training solutions, he integrates AI, Mixed Reality, adaptive environments, and immersive multiuser scenarios to deliver accessible and cost-effective programs. As CEO of ExpansionFlow, Scott ensures customer needs are met by identifying opportunities, prioritizing features, conducting market research, and fostering strong relationships with partners.


Some of Our Projects

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